v.194 Update

2022/04/05 07:00-11:00
Rebirth Online
Data Update
Status Info
Scheduled: Notice is on updating
Confirmed: Notice is fixed
Completed: Update is finished
Hello Rebirthers!
Please check the v.194 update details.


Tuesday, April 5, 2022, 7:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM (UTC+0) (4 hours)
Reward: 400,000x Gold, 400x Blue Caret
From 2022, the maintenance will proceed on weekdays (Monday to Friday).



1. Upgrade to the latest system of development and operations

The whole internal game-related system has been upgraded to the latest version. (the final version was 2018).
Thank you for your great patience.
Upgraded server engine to the latest version
Upgraded client engine to the latest version
Upgraded the infra systems for operating the games.
The game engine has been changed by big changes. If you find the wrong things, please upload the screenshot to CS chatting message room.

2. New Anti-Cheat Engine

If the player uses the MOD APK, it will be disconnected and banned the whole account.
Please do not use MOD APK.
We will continually protect the game.

3. The rest of the Heiros region’s main quest and daily quests

헤이로스 지역 잔여 메인 퀘스트 및 일일퀘스트 완료
These will be the final things before opening the new region and expanding Lv.900. The next main quest will be opened with new regions.
(New) Main Quests - Finally, we’ve completed the whole chapter for Heiros.
Regions: Broken Paradise, Lawless Coast, Dragon’s Nest
Connected Quest Reward
Dragon Box: You can get 1x item randomly from this box
Included: (SR) Red Dragon, (SR) Blue Dragon, (SR) Black Dragon, (SR+) Gold Dragon, (SR+)Chaos Dragon
Smithy > Craft > System > Quest
(New) Daily Quest, Repeated Quest, Important Quest
Region: Dragon’s Nest
Major features
The rest of the Heiros region’s main quest and daily quests
These will be the final things before opening the new region and expanding the Lv.900

4. New Raids for Rankers (Very High Difficulty)

This raid is for rankers, it’s not for middle and low-level players.
If you satisfied the conditions, you can get the Empire Guard Mark or Empire Knights Mark with high probability than Laclair Raid
Entrance Limit: 1 time per a day
If you failed, no more chance for today
Daily Reward (You must complete it.)1
Monster Dropped Reward (It affected by Item Drop Rate, Last Hit valid)
Baby Dragon: Gold
Slave Berserker: Blue Caret
Slave Wizard: Trinity
Dungeon Boss Dropped Reward (level of contribution)
Bransela: Randomly get the valuable items (Empire Guard mark or Empire Knights Mark and so on)
It’s a higher probability than Lacliar Laid

5. 5x Demonic Rids, 3x Set Effect

Please refer to the item book about each equipped effect.

6. Costume Shop Renewal and New Costumes

The old shop menu will be changed to Costume shop, and the new costumes will be added continuously.
We support buying SR grade Demon Pack with Gold Caret.
Heads, Clothes: 4x slots
Price: SR grade 50,000x Gold Caret
A, S, SR: you can get it with combine system.
SR grade: 10% more when you enchant
The part of Set Effect #069.
(New) School Look Style
The price from starting 2022 costumes will be higher by 30% price.

7. Shop

3x 2021 All-in-One → 3x 2022 All-in-One (Not affecting the Wing Box)
Deleted the B grade, At least the A grade you can get.
Upward the probability to get the S grade and SR grade
S grade Gaia Holy Spirit is included in the random box.
You can get it randomly, which means you cannot get this item.
Dispel Potion
R Shop only

8. Upward Demonic Jeina Skill

Raven's Cry Skill
from 1 target to a maximum of 10 targets


1. Coming soon World Server(Beta) Update

It will be the beta version. the official version will be at the beginning of 2022.
After upgrading the infra system, we will update this content.
How to operate
The player has to achieve certain missions during weekdays and then be ranked.
The mission-ranked players of each server will be invited to the world server on weekend.
There will be valuable rewards!
Thank you for your great support.