Server Merger Rules

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Information about merging servers

1. Login

Select the merged server name on the login screen and connect to the game.

2. Character

There are 4 character slots per account.
If the number of characters in one account is over 4 in both servers, except for the 4 characters to be used, the remaining characters must be deleted before entering the game.
※ Deleted characters cannot be recovered, so please select them carefully.
Change the character name
With the server integration, the names of the characters will be changed at once.
e.g.,) Before: Ranger → After: Ranger #THE
※ You can connect the game only by changing the character name.
※ Since the character name is not given a preemption authority, priority is given to the character who has changed first.
※ The changed character name will be displayed normally when reconnected.

3. Friends

Friends who have made a relationship will remain the same.
※ The changed friend's name will be displayed normally when the friend reconnects.

4. Storage

If you have characters on two servers with the same account, the slots in the account’s storage will be merged. (Up to 200)
If you didn’t expand the storage, the default 10 slots for the Storage are applied.
When each characters' Storage slots were already expanded and the total number of slots exceeds 200, After merging servers, the Gold Caret used for slot expansion will be sent to the mailbox.
If you have more than 200 items in the Storage, the items may be retained but not shown.
In this case, when you move the items in the Storage to your Inventory, hidden items will appear, so you do not have to worry.

5. Trade

Items registered on the Trade before merging servers will be canceled after merging servers.

6. Mailbox

Mailbox is maintained even after merging servers.

7. Guild

Guild Name
The Guild's name will be changed.
e.g.,) Before: RebirthGuild → After: RebirthGuild#THE)
※ The guild name does not have a preemption authority, so priority is given to the guild that has been changed first.
※ Only the guild leader can change the guild name.
※ The changed guild name will be displayed normally when reconnected.

8. Ranking

Rankings are initialized after merging servers, and rankings are calculated again.

9. Event

Event rewards are reset, and rewards are obtained from the 1st day.

10. Talnia War Dungeon’s Crown

Previous data will be reset after merging the servers. After opening the integrated server, it needs to be newly occupied.
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