23/09/08 Update

2023/09/08 08:00-13:00
Rebirth Online
Build Update
Data Update
Status Info
Scheduled: Notice is on updating
Confirmed: Notice is fixed
Completed: The update is finished
Hello Rebirthers!
Please check the v.207 updated details.


Friday, September 8, 2023, 08:00 AM ~ (UTC+0) (3h)
Reward: 300,000x Gold, 300x Blue Caret


1. Shop and Event

Demon Swarm (1+1)
Due: ~September, 10 23.09.10 Sunday, 3 PM
Open selling the Dragon Heart again
The current event issue
Explanation of the situation related to getting Reward (R Pass area)
The previous defeating value of elite monsters is reflected if you have. If we reset to 0, the players who had received these rewards can get rewards double time. So we are ongoing with the current situation.
Free area starts from 0 for all users.

2. Improvements, Changed

Transform Selection Window
Before: If the same transforms exist, the highest level first transform is automatically registered to the window.
Now: Available to register any transforms up to 50 as you want.
How to register
Collection → Transform → You can find the Register button.
Due to the magic inheritance system, only one magic was displayed randomly in the window when inheriting magic at Lv.10 of the same transform. We changed this way of registering manually so that you can freely register and use the desired transformation as well as the desired magic inherited transformation.

3. New

Ruby Shop
Shop for buying Murranus materials
PK Shop → 6 kinds of Ruby Grade Shop
1x Ruby : 10x Coin(Outlaw or Execution) → Exchanged as a bonus
Grades of Ruby - Tier 1: 50x Ruby ▲ - Tier 2: 300x Ruby ▲ - Tier 3: 1,000x Ruby ▲ - Tier 4: 5,000x Ruby ▲ - Tier 5: 10,000x Ruby ▲ - Platinum: 30,000x Ruby ▲
Discount rate per Ruby grade
☆: 5%
☆☆: 10%
☆☆☆: 15%
☆☆☆☆: 20%
☆☆☆☆☆: 30%
★★★★★: 50%
Ruby Grade Mark Position
e.g.) Ruby Grade 4
Equipped Effect number expanded to 3 in the Collection

4. 2x Set Effects and 5x new Demons

2x Rides: Demon King Ghoris, Demon Skeleton Horse
2x Equipped Effect
3x: Demon Kobold Archer, Demon Mini Yeti, Demon Uggui
3x Equipped Effect
For more information, please check the Item Book.

5. “cooldown decrease value” and “skill weight”

After fixing the bug due to abnormally high cooldown reduction,
When the final cooldown decrease value is abnormally high, a situation occurs where only skills with significantly reduced cooldown times are used continuously.
Therefore, we improved situation 2 by appropriately adjusting the cooldown time and weight so that all skills can be used evenly during automatic battle.
Some increased cooldown time skills actually have a higher weight and, therefore, are used more often
※ Does not occur unless the final cooldown decrease value is abnormally high
※ Skill activation order during auto mode
Player Before: Activated in skill slot order (You can change the order as you want via the Skill window) Now: Same
Transform (Monster and NPC) Before: Activated in skill slot order
Now: Changed through the weighting system to ensure the game system is as evenly distributed as possible
※ Pretty much the same as before, unless the final cooldown decrease value is abnormally high

6. Bug Fixed

Some Texts correction
When the final cooldown decrease value is abnormally high
Fixed a bug where the final cooldown decrease value among Prestige's unique options was triggered repeatedly, and the cooldown time was reset.
No more use Peace Flag in the elite dungeon
Thank you for your great support.