22/04/28 Update

2022/04/28 14:00-16:00
Rebirth Online
Data Update
v.194, v.195
Status Info
Scheduled: Notice is on updating
Confirmed: Notice is fixed
Completed: Update is finished
Hello Rebirthers!
Please check the updated details.


Thursday, April 28, 2022, 2:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM (UTC+0) (2 hours)
Reward: 200,000x Gold, 200x Blue Caret
From 2022, the maintenance will proceed on weekdays (Monday to Friday).


1. New Policy to clean the garbage data for the Server optimization

Clean up the inactive guild
Delete the inactive guild
Target: Inactive for the last 6 months
Date: No more playing from October 28th, 2021
Delete the guild members
Cannot kick because of self deletion
Change the guild master
Target: The guild master has not connected to the game for the last 7 days
Condition of the new guild master
The members who played the game for the last 7 days
The members who have higher guild grade
If the same guild grade, the members who have higher contributions
If the same contributions, the members who have a long time joining the guild

2. (System) Darnamis, change to the Non-PK

We’ve changed the 1 region to Non-PK in Heiros.
For adjusting the additional monsters and spots will be updated in the next maintenance.

3. (System) Minor rises of ultimate skill damage

For every class, ultimate skill damage has risen.

4. (System) Every death will make a durability reduction.

Without any condition of the player, this will cause the equipment’s durability reduction when the death happened.

5. 6x New Demonic Pet, 2x Set Effect

These 6 pets have strong attack skills. It’s a new system.
Demonic Pozi
Demonic Beiholder
Demonic NinNin
Demonic Rafuta
Demonic Miho
Demonic Guardian Treant
You can check with Item Book about slot equipped effects of each pet.

6. (Costume) New Costumes (x52)

The old shop menu will be changed to Costume shop, and the new costumes will be added continuously.
We support buying SR grade with Gold Caret.
Heads → 14,000x Gold Caret
Clothes → 42,000 Gold Caret
A, S, SR: you can get it with combine system.
Only SR grade: 10% more when you enchant

7. Fixed Bugs

Quest → Achievement → BlackSmith → Gem Level up
Fixed from 30 to 28
Fixed orb tips with the new system.


1. Coming soon World Server(Beta) Update

It will be the beta version. the official version will be at the beginning of 2022.
In May, we will update this content soon!
How to operate
The player has to achieve certain missions during weekdays and then be ranked.
The mission-ranked players of each server will be invited to the world server on weekend.
There will be valuable rewards!
Thank you for your great support.