22/02/14 Update

2022/02/14 08:00-10:00
Data Update
Rebirth Online
Status Info
Scheduled: Notice is on updating
Confirmed: Notice is fixed
Completed: Update is finished
Hello Rebirthers!
Please check the update details.


Monday, February 14, 2022, 8:00 AM ~ 10:00 AM (UTC+0)
Reward: 200,000x Gold, 200x Blue Caret
From 2022, the maintenance will proceed on weekdays (Monday to Friday).


1. 2022 Valentine’s Day Event

How to Participate
Collect the material of Valentine’s Chocolate
Valentine Handmade Chocolate
How to make the Valentine’s Handmade Chocolate
You can find 12x missions at Quest > Event
Event Reward (You can get 1 from 9 options)

2. (New) 1x New Equipment Set (Final version)

Physical Edition

3. Bug

Fixed no display of Demon Knights weapon effect
Fixed disappear the GM Message when you re-login
Fixed no guard targeting the guild members when talnia crown owner leave the guild
(Known Bug) Some monsters will not be defeated in the Mamaroze dungeon.
This is a bug in live mode, we will fix it continuously.

4. End

2022 Lunar New Year Event
The reward menu of the event ends at the end of the event, so don't forget to claim it within the period!
After the event is ended, blue caret exchangeable goods will be in the Shop > Exchange.
Event #2 Ranker can claim the event rewards. Please read the following and claim.
Please send a message via chatting channel with what you want to buy in Shop and R Shop.
Excluded: purchasing limited goods cannot buy with this event.


1. Coming soon World Server(Beta) Update

It will be the beta version. the official version will be at the beginning of 2022.

2. Raid’s the level of difficulty will be increased

The entire content, which runs every day, is scheduled to increase the difficulty and compensation. It will continue, so please check the details through the notice later.
Thank you for your great support.